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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Configuring the DataServer : Typical configuration for a remote client to connect to a remote DataServer : Configuring an ODBC data source

Configuring an ODBC data source

An ODBC data source allows you to store information about how to connect to a data provider. You use the ODBC Data Source Administrator to configure an ODBC source. Note that the DataServer license must be installed on the machine where the ODBC data source is configured.
To configure an ODBC data source:
1. In Windows, chooseStart > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data sources (ODBC) and select Systems DSN.
The System DSN Data Source Administrator appears.
2. Choose Add to add a data source with either the MS SQL Server driver or an OpenEdge branded ODBC Wire Protocol driver for MS SQL Server. Proceed through the windows as they are presented to configure the data source, ensuring that the final test connection is successful.