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RDBMS Stored Procedure Details : Run Stored-Procedure details : Close Stored-Procedure statement

Close Stored-Procedure statement

For a RDBMS stored procedure, a PROC-STATUS received value indicates that the procedure has completed execution and makes available the return code value and any output parameters. For a send-sql-statement stored procedure, CLOSE STORED-PROCEDURE closes the SQL cursor used by the procedure, as shown:
[ integer-field = PROC-STATUS ]
[ WHERE PROC-HANDLE = integer-field ]
The name of the stored procedure that you want to close or the built-in procedure name, send-sql-statement.
integer-field = PROC-STATUS
Assigns the return value from a stored procedure to the specified integer field or variable (integer-field).
WHERE PROC-HANDLE = integer-field
An integer field or variable whose value uniquely identifies the stored procedure that produces the results returned from the data source or the SQL cursor of a send-sql-statement stored procedure.
Consider these points concerning the CLOSED STORED-PROCEDURE statement:
*If you specified a PROC-HANDLE when you ran a stored procedure, you must specify the PROC-HANDLE when you close the stored procedure.
*If you do not specify a PROC-HANDLE, the CLOSE STORED-PROCEDURE statement closes the procedure if there is only one stored procedure running. If there is more than one stored procedure running, an error is returned.