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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Configuring the DataServer : Creating a schema holder : Authorization and Authentication

Authorization and Authentication

When you use the DataServer to create a schema image in a schema holder, it accesses the associated MS SQL Server Database. To connect a schema holder for an Oracle database, you must provide a valid user ID and password combination for Oracle at connection time. Use the User ID (-U) parameter to provide the user ID and the Password (-P) parameter to provide the password.
Once you have set up the schema holder, the MS SQL Server privileges required for your foreign data source connection vary among users depending on their applications. For example, the user running an OpenEdge application that queries, but does not update, a table in the Oracle database must connect to the Oracle database with a user and password that provides at least SELECT privileges on the table.
In summary, the user ID and password combination required to run an application depends on:
*The Oracle database tables the application accesses
*The type of access required on those tables
Note: A database administrator (DBA) must establish all user ID and password combinations within Oracle.
* Database authentication during foreign database connect
* Permissions for creating or updating a schema holder
* Permissions for connecting a schema holder
* Application-specific permissions