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SQL Development
JDBC Client : Connecting to an OpenEdge database with a JDBC driver : Enabling encryption : ValidateServerCertificate
The validateServerCertificate option determines whether the driver will validate the server certificate returned by the database server while establishing the SSL connection. The validateServerCertificate option can have the following values:
*False—The driver will not validate the certificate returned by the database server. This is useful in test and debug environments because it eliminates the need to specify a trust store on all of the client machines in the test environment.
*True—The driver validates the certificate returned by the database server. The certificate returned must have been issued from a certificate authority (CA) that is included in the trust store. The driver also validates the ServerName in the certificate as specified by the HostNameInCertificate option. The value of ValidateServerCertificate is ignored if the value of the encryptionMethod connection option does not specify SSL encryption. The default value is false.