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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL and Advanced Business Language Interoperability : ABL and OpenEdge SQL interaction in an OpenEdge application : Working with SQL column widths : Using the DBTool utility
Using the DBTool utility
The DBTool utility allows users to identify when the size of column data in the database exceeds the Data Dictionary definition and therefore the SQLWidth value. The DBTool utility addresses this situation because it allows for the fast updating of Data Dictionary SQLWidth definitions.
The following error message is reported to a SQL application when the SQLWidth for a column exceeds the Data Dictionary SQLWidth definition:
Column column in table table has value exceeding its max length or precision (7864)
The syntax for DBTool is:
dbtool dbname
To access DBTool from the command line:
1. Type dbtool and the database name and press Enter.
The DBTool option menu appears:
2. Select an option from the menu and press Enter.
The following table describes the options available in the DBTool option menu.
Table 9. DBTool option menu
Finds the maximum field sizes and reports them.
Finds the maximum field sizes and updates their widths.
Validates the schema versioning of the records after the records are updated by DBTool.
Validates the schema versioning before and after the records are updated in DBTool.
Validates db keys while scanning database blocks.
Scans records for indications of possible corruption.
Checks for inconsistencies in the database schema. This option identifies errors in schema records for word indexes. If an error is detected, this option reports the index number and recommends rebuilding that index.
Enables or disables file logging.
Quits the DBTool utility.
For more information on the DBTool utility, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.