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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL and Advanced Business Language Interoperability : ABL and OpenEdge SQL interaction in an OpenEdge application : Working with SQL column widths : Using the -checkwidth startup parameter
Using the -checkwidth startup parameter
OpenEdge ABL programmers can override Data Dictionary column definitions in ABL programs. Therefore, a SQL application cannot read a record if a column contains data greater than the SQLWidth value defined in the Data Dictionary. An attempt to retrieve a column that exceeds the SQLWidth definition generates an error message, and the attempt to access the record fails.
Use the -checkwidth startup parameterto specify whether ABL compares CHARACTER, DECIMAL, and RAW field data against the metaschema _width field value before updating a database record. The _width field value specifies the maximum width of the data allowed in a field.
The syntax for the -checkwidth startup parameter is:
-checkwidth n
The -checkwidth startup parameter can be employed in the following modes:
*0 — Ignore the _width field value and store the data. This is the default mode.
*1 — Store the data and generate a warning message if the data exceeds the size specified in the _width field.
*2 — Do not store data that exceeds the size specified in the _width field and generate an error. Specify this mode if you want the ABL to behave like SQL.
For more information on the -checkwidth startup parameter, see OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.