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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL Data Manipulation Language : Working with join operations : Using inner joins

Using inner joins

An inner join produces a results table consisting of only those rows that correspond to the tables specified in the query. A query expression can specify inner joins in either its FROM clause or its WHERE clause.
The basic syntax for a join is:
table_ref ON search_condition}
The following example demonstrates a join that retrieves information from two tables relating customers and their order information.
SELECT order.ordernum, order.custnum,,
order.orderdate, order.shipdate
FROM order INNER JOIN customer
ON order.custnum = customer.custnum;
The statement produces the following results:
Ordernum CustNum Name           OrderDate   ShipDate1        53      Offside Hockey 2007-01-26  2007-01-31
2        81      Off The Wall   2006-10-05  2006-10-10
3        66      Hero Football  2006-09-23  2006-09-28
4        83      Swift Running  2007-01-17  2007-01-22
5        72      Pro Skates     2007-02-12  2007-02-17
. . .
* Employing a table alias