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SQL Development
Preface : Organization


Provides an overview of OpenEdge SQL and the OpenEdge SQL client/server architecture.
JDBC Client
Presents an overview of the JDBC client, details on setting environment variables, and procedures for connecting to a database with the JDBC driver.
ODBC Client
Offers an overview of the ODBC client and information on configuring data source.
Data Control Language and Security
Reviews information on working with database security, creating users, and granting, modifying, and revoking privileges.
OpenEdge SQL Data Definition Language
Furnishes information on OpenEdge SQL database structure and methods for creating, altering, and dropping database objects.
OpenEdge SQL Data Manipulation Language
Provides information on the Data Manipulation Language statements, indexes, and join operations.
OpenEdge SQL and Advanced Business Language Interoperability
Addresses the interoperability of ABL and OpenEdge SQL.
Data Control Language and Transaction Behavior
Summarizes information on transactions, isolation levels, and locking.
Performing Multi-database Queries
Provides information on the performance of multi-database queries.
Working with JTA Transactions
Provides information on performing JTA transactions
Stored Procedures and Triggers
Provides information on using stored procedures and triggers.
Optimizing Query Performance
Presents information on the operation of the SQL Query Optimizer and offers recommendations on how to get the best out of its performance.