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SQL Development
Working with JTA Transactions : JTA's role in J2EE

JTA's role in J2EE

The OpenEdge platform has built-in interoperability based on industry standards and can easily integrate into a J2EE environment, adding value to an integrated enterprise.
Java applications almost always use the JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) specification to work with relational databases. JDBC is also part of the J2EE specification. The OpenEdge RDBMS includes the DataDirect JDBC driver, making the OpenEdge database an integration point for any kind of J2EE application.
As illustrated in the following figure, JTA defines transaction management between a transaction manager and a resource manager within the J2EE architecture. In this scenario, OpenEdge is the resource manager and an SQL server or application server is the transaction manager.
Figure 5. J2EE architecture