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SQL Development
JDBC Client : Introduction to the JDBC client : JDBC components

JDBC components

The JDBC architecture consists of several files. The JDBC driver includes the openedge.jar AND pool.jar files. The following table lists the locations of the files.
Table 1. JDBC driver component file locations
Files and locations
Sun Solaris SPARC (32 bit and 64 bit)Compaq Tru64 UNIXLinux X86IBM AIXHP-UX (32 bit and 64 bit)
DLC is the directory where OpenEdge is installed on the machine. In Windows, the DLC environment variable is set in the Registry during the installation of OpenEdge. On UNIX, you must set the DLC environment variable yourself. If an environment variable is modified while the database is up, then the database must be shut down and restarted so the database broker and the SQL engine can see the new value.