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SQL Development
Change Data Capture : Enabling Encryption on CDC Source Table

Enabling Encryption on CDC Source Table

This section describes the rules to be followed and considerations while enabling encryption on a source CDC table. It also provides an example to show how to alter a source table to have encryption. The following rules must be considered while enabling encryption for a CDC table:
*If encryption is added to a source table S (using Alter table), then the Change table C is ascribed the same encryption policy.
*The index on the Change table should be given the same initial encryption policy as on the Change table.
*After initial encryption for the Change table is created, there is no requirement to keep encryption policies for the source table and the Change table in sync.
*A user can change the encryption policy on the Change table.
*If the source table could be in a Type 1 area which is encrypted, then the same encryption policy applies to the Change table.
The following example shows how to apply encryption to a table: