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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL and Advanced Business Language Interoperability : Managing Open Edge SQL and ABL database connections : Determining database server requirements

Determining database server requirements

To properly manage database connections for both OpenEdge SQL and ABL servers, you must first assess your startup parameter requirements. The OpenEdge SQL server and ABL server should be managed independently from each other. This section describes the process for determining server startup parameters.
To analyze database server requirements:
1. Determine if your database supports both SQL and ABL users.
2. Determine for each server type, SQL and ABL:
*The maximum number of servers
*The maximum number of servers per broker
*The maximum number of remote clients per server
3. Calculate the maximum number of database users by using the following formula:
-n = Maximum SQL users + Maximum users + One per each additional broker + all other processes (APWs, BIWs, AIWs, PROMONs, online backups)
4. Calculate the maximum number of database servers and brokers using the following formula:
-Mn = (Sum of all Mpb values) + one per each additional broker