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SQL Development
OpenEdge SQL and Advanced Business Language Interoperability : ABL and OpenEdge SQL interaction in an OpenEdge application : Naming objects for OpenEdge SQL and ABL databases : Delimited identifiers
Delimited identifiers
Delimited identifiers are strings of no more than 32 ASCII characters enclosed in quotation marks ( " " ). Delimited identifiers allow you to create identifiers that are identical to keywords or that use special characters (such as #, -, &, or *) or a space. To include a quotation mark character in a delimited identifier, precede it with another quotation mark.
Note: ABL database objects must be named in a manner consistent with SQL delimited identifiers in order to be accessed by an OpenEdge SQL client. For example, an ABL table with a name that includes a special character should also use quotation marks (for example, "Orders&Deliveries") in order to be accessible from the OpenEdge SQL interface.