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SQL Development
Data Control Language and Security : Creating users : Creating database administrators

Creating database administrators

Database security is defined and controlled by database administrators (DBAs). Within the scope of database security, DBAs are responsible for:
*Adding users
*Deleting users
*Permitting access to specific database objects
*Limiting or prohibiting access to database objects
*Granting users privileges to view or modify database objects
*Modifying or revoking privileges that have been granted to the users
A user who initially creates a database becomes its default administrator. Therefore, this initial user has the authority to create other administrator accounts for that particular database.
OpenEdge Studio offers two methods for creating DBAs:
*In SQL, the DBA can use the CREATE statement to create a user in the _User table and then use the GRANT statement to provide the user with administrative privileges.
*In ABL, a DBA uses Database Administration to define other administrators and Security Administrators.