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SQL Development
Data Control Language and Security : Working with database security : Comparing authentication and authorization : Authorization
Authorization is the process by which DBAs (or Security Administrators for ABL) enable users to perform tasks on the database, such as retrieving, updating and deleting information. OpenEdge SQL and ABL each employ their own mechanism for performing authorization.
OpenEdge SQL performs authorization through the GRANT statement. ABL database administrators (initially) and Security Administrators (primarily) authorize users to perform database tasks using Database Administration. In addition, ABL programmers can use the same permissions mechanism to authorize access to application functions.
For more information on defining and using authorization permissions through Database Administration and ABL, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Identity Management, OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration, and OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Getting Started.
Note: OpenEdge supports authorization based on a fully qualified user ID only for access to multi-tenant databases. For non-multi-tenant databases, even if you authenticate access to a database connection using a fully-qualified user ID, OpenEdge authorizes access based only on the non-qualified user ID (user name).