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DataServer for Oracle
Configuring the DataServer : Configuring the DataServer in the Unified Broker framework : Configuring the Unified Broker framework on UNIX : Using the NameServer
Using the NameServer
By default, your DataServer for Oracle broker instances are defined with a controlling NameServer and are provided with a default Data Service. Progress Software Corporation recommends using a NameServer configuration at all times. In such cases, the DataServer client's initial connection is to the NameServer. However, you can alternatively connect the DataServer directly to the broker instance by setting the -DataService value to none in the connection parameters of your schema holder. If you will always use a -DataService value of none, you should remove the controlling NameServer from your broker instance definition. See OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration for more information about the NameServer's role in a configuration.
Note: Do not simultaneously run some DataServers for Oracle under brokers with controlling NameServers and others directly under brokers (that is, without controlling NameServers). This defeats the purpose of using a NameServer to control brokers. If you do this, the benefits of the NameServer are lost and load balancing is ineffective. Progress Software Corporation recommends that you always use a NameServer, with one exception: you can choose initially to connect directly to a broker to simplify confirming an initial connection. Once you establish a connection, Progress Software Corporation recommends that you reintroduce the NameServer into your configuration.