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Upgrading DataServer Applications : Upgrading schema holders from Progress Version 9

Upgrading schema holders from Progress Version 9

If you have a Progress Version 9 schema holder and want to take advantage of OpenEdge Release 10 features, you must make specific preparations before using the Release 10 DataServer.
To upgrade a schema holder to use OpenEdge Release 10:
1. Start Progress Version 9 with the schema holder connected.
2. Dump the data definitions (.df file) from the schema holder. Dumping and loading a .df file is the only way to preserve any information you might have added to the schema, such as display formats, help strings, and validation expressions.
3. Start OpenEdge Release 10.
4. Create and connect to an empty OpenEdge database.
5. From the Data Admin main menu, choose Admin > Load Data and Definitions > Data Definitions (.df).
6. Type the name of your .df file, then choose OK.
The utility loads the .df file into the schema holder.
7. Use the Verify Table Definitions utility to verify the data definitions in the OpenEdge schema holder.
8. In Progress Version 8, the DataServer did not store information in the schema holder on maximum sizes of CHARACTER and RAW columns. If your schema holder was migrated to Version 9 without being dumped and loaded it could be missing this information. To make sure that the new schema holder has information on maximum size, use the Update/Add Oracle Table Definitions utility.
9. Recompile your r-code against the new schema holder.