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DataServer for Oracle
Connecting the DataServer : Starting the remote DataServer : Starting the Windows client process

Starting the Windows client process

Start the OpenEdge client process in Windows by running the prowin32.exe executable. The Windows executable includes support for the DataServer.
You can create a program icon for the OpenEdge client process. On the command line for the program icon, enter the following information:
1. The executable.
2. The schema holder name. If you have multiple schema holders, create a program icon for each schema holder.
3. The connection parameters required by the remote DataServer configuration.
4. This is a sample command line:
prowin32 oholder -RO -db oradb -H host1 -S oserviceA
-U scott -P tiger
See Connecting a schema holder at startup Optional connection and startup parameters and the for descriptions of the command line and the required and optional parameters.