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DataServer for Oracle
Connecting the DataServer : Starting the remote DataServer : Starting and stopping the ProBroker process from the command line

Starting and stopping the ProBroker process from the command line

The broker can be started from a Windows or UNIX command line prompt in addition to the OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer interface.
To start the broker process from the command line:
1. Start an instance for the supporting Oracle database.
2. Set the environment variables in the shell from which you are starting the DataServer. The following table describes how to set them.
Table 37. Environment variables for the remote DataServer
How to set it
The pathname to the directory where the DataServer creates the log file, dataserv.lg, to track processes and error messages. By default, the DataServer creates this file in the current directory. (Optional)
The pathname of the directory where Oracle is installed.
The identifier for the Oracle instance you are accessing.
The name of the executable (including the path) of the Oracle DataServer.
The pathname to the executable of the broker.
Note: If you change the values of any environment variables, such as ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_HOME, or ORASRV, you must shut down the DataServer processes and restart them.
3. To start the DataServer broker process, enter the following command at the system prompt. Select the service-name from the list of available services:
broker-executable-name -H host-name -S service-name
For example, the following command uses the default broker executable:
_probrkr -H paris -S demosv
This example starts an SSL –enabled ProBroker on the “demosv” port of the local host:
_probrkr -S demosv -ssl
4. To stop the DataServer modules by shutting down the broker, enter this command at the system prompt of the client machine:
proshut -Gw -H host-name -S service-name