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RDBMS Stored Procedure Details : RUN STORED-PROCEDURE details : RUN STORED-PROC statement execution with the LOAD-RESULT-INTO phrase

RUN STORED-PROC statement execution with the LOAD-RESULT-INTO phrase

OpenEdge also supports a stored procedure implementation you can execute to obtain result sets and load these results into temp-tables. You must define a result set target as part of the RUN STORED-PROC statement. You do not explicitly close a RUN STORED-PROC defined this way as you do with buffer methods of retrieving result sets; the LOAD-RESULT-INTO function achieves this goal implicitly.
This is the syntax for the RUN STORED-PROC statement implementation when loading result sets to temp-tables:


RUN STORED-PROC procedure-name

[[LOAD-RESULT-INTO <handle> [<int> = PROC-STATUS]]
    [([INPUT|OUTPUT|INPUT OUTPUT][PARAM parameter-name =]expression, ...
        [INPUT|OUTPUT|INPUT OUTPUT][PARAM parameter-name =]expression)]
The RUN STORED-PROC statement sets up the execution of the stored-procedure, retrieves the result set, and loads it into the temp-table(s) provided you use the LOAD-RESULT-INTO function. The CLOSE STORED-PROC statement is automatically applied when the result set is loaded into temp-tables because using temp-tables must consume all result sets of the procedure.