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DataServer for Oracle
Building DataServer Executables : Requirements for Building the DataServer Executables

Requirements for Building the DataServer Executables

OpenEdge provides scripts to build customized executables, including the DataServer for Oracle on those platforms where a dynamically loadable shared library is unavailable. Prior to running these scripts, the environment must be configured.
To set up your environment to run the OEBuild utility scripts:
1. You must run the scripts to create executables on the machine where you plan to run them. For example, if you are building a remote DataServer configuration, to build the broker and the DataServer, run the scripts on the host. To build the client, run the scripts on the client machine. If you are building executables for deployment, be sure to build the executables on the same platform where your users will run them.
2. Make sure that you have a linker installed on your system.
3. Verify settings for OpenEdge environment variables. Set DLC to the directory where you have installed OpenEdge.
4. Verify that the script (located in the $DLC/oebuild/make directory) includes the appropriate environment variable settings for your system.
The build script calls the script. The script sets default values for environment variables that point to objects, libraries, and options involved in linking executables. You can edit this script to customize environments for different sites.
A log file, buildenv.log, is also created. It includes information about how your DataServer environment is configured. This information is useful to you and Technical Support when troubleshooting connection problems. Here is part of a sample buildenv.log file:
Build Environment: Wed Aug 6 19:32:28 EDT 2003
User: uid=488(doctest) gid=110(rdl) groups=377(dba),378(oracle),379(oracle6)
Working Directory: /scratch/doctest/AIX
Machine OS: AIX
Machine OS Version: 2
Machine Type: IBM,7025-F50
DLC Setting: /usr1/docqa/100a/dlc

User Defined ORALIB: No, buildenv script defined

ORALIB Setting:


LIBPATH Setting:

PATH Setting:
/usr/rdl/sc:/usr/rdl/aix/bin:/tools/bin:/tools/aix/bin: /usr1/docqa/100a/dlc/bin:/usr/local/bin:/users/devp/doctest/bin:.
PROPATH Setting:
For more information on environment variables, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.
After setting up the build environment, you can run the build scripts that create the executables required by the various DataServer configurations. The following sections describe how to build, set up, and run client and host DataServer modules.