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DataServer for Oracle
Connecting the DataServer : Connecting a schema holder : Connecting a schema holder at startup : Remote DataServer via NameServer: Windows client
Remote DataServer via NameServer: Windows client
The following attributes pertain to the code in the example shown in this section:
*The schema holder's physical name is oholder and it is read-only.
*The Oracle database's logical name is orademo.
*The user ID is scott.
*The password is tiger.
*The host where the NameServer is running is nshost.
*The service is port number 5162, the default port of the Name Server.
*The -Dsrv switch indicates this connection is using a NameServer.
*The DataService is orabroker1.
prowin32 oholder -RO -db oradb -ld orademo -U scott -P tiger -H nshost
-S 5162 -Dsrv SVUB,1 -DataService orabroker1