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DataServer for Oracle
The DataServer Tutorial : OpenEdge DB-to-Oracle utility : Preparing a database for the utility

Preparing a database for the utility

The OpenEdge DB-to-Oracle utility does not literally translate definitions for Progress fields into Oracle columns. It makes some adjustments in order to provide the functionality of the OpenEdge and Oracle systems. The following table describes the changes to a database that result from making an OpenEdge database compatible with Oracle by selecting the Create RECID option when using the OpenEdge-to-Oracle utility.
Table 61. An OpenEdge DB-to-Oracle database conversion
OpenEdge database
Oracle database
Record ID
An additional NUMBER column named PROGRESS_RECID
Case-insensitive index
The UPPER(column-name) syntax is used by the index SQL
A column for each array element named field##1, field##2, etc.
A sequence with the same characteristics (incrementation, beginning value, etc.)
OpenEdge BLOB type
This is set to NOT NULL in Oracle
Note: OpenEdge BLOB must be set to NOT NULL in Oracle, that is, any Oracle application that inserts records into a table also initializes the record with EMPTY_BLOB() function as OpenEdge DataServer cannot access a NULL BLOB column.
The utility makes these changes in the target Oracle database automatically. The following sections explain how to account for these changes when you plan your migration.