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DataServer for Oracle
Introduction : Oracle DataServer overview

Oracle DataServer overview

The OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle allows you to access your Oracle database with the Advanced Business Language (ABL), and develop applications within the OpenEdge Studio. ABL is specifically designed to translate knowledge about business operations into software.
The OpenEdge Studio is a set of tools that helps you to maintain data sources and develop applications with graphical user interfaces. When you develop applications with the OpenEdge Studio, you can design a separation of your user interface, business logic, and data sources. OpenEdge Studio provides user interface independence, whether you need a character UI, a Graphical Windows UI, or a Web interface. When you incorporate the DataServer for Oracle with OpenEdge Studio, you are enabling the use of your ABL business logic to access data in your Oracle database.
OpenEdge provides you the tools for the development, deployment, management, and integration of your application. The DataServer for Oracle allows you to implement the OpenEdge features and ABL expansions in applications that run with an Oracle database.