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DataServer for Oracle
Connecting the DataServer : Connecting a schema holder : Local schema caching

Local schema caching

The ability to store schema definitions in a local file allows you to access them more quickly. Running DataServer applications with a local schema cache in addition to a schema holder results in better performance.
An ABL SAVE CACHE COMPLETE statement creates a binary file that contains the entire schema for an OpenEdge database. Use the following syntax to create a cache file for a connected schema holder:
SAVE CACHE COMPLETE schema-holder-name TO filename.
For example, the following statement creates a cache file named ocache for the oholder schema holder:
SAVE CACHE COMPLETE oholder TO ocache.
To use the cache file for a schema holder, specify the -cache parameter and the cache filename when you connect to the schema holder. For example, the following CONNECT statement connects the Oracle database with the schema holder and tells ABL to use the cache file:
CONNECT oholder -RO -db oradb -U scott -P tiger -cache ocache.
If you make any changes to the schema holder, create a new cache file for the schema holder.
For more information, see OpenEdge Getting Started: ABL Essentials and the "SAVE CACHE Statement" reference entry in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.