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The DataServer Tutorial : OpenEdge DB-to-Oracle utility : Handling character length during database migration

Handling character length during database migration

Converting to a Unicode code page or Unicode column character types might cause an expansion of data beyond a data source column's maximum length. When migrating an OpenEdge database to an Oracle data source, you must specify the maximum character length of your character columns. Consider the following when using the OpenEdge DB to Oracle Conversion utility:
When using a non-Unicode code page or when using a Unicode code page with byte-length semantics, the specified length must be a positive value less than or equal to 4000. When using character-length semantics, the Maximum char length default value is automatically modified depending upon other settings, including Code page for Schema Image, Char semantics, and Use Unicode Types. The default value may or may not be precisely accurate for your Unicode configuration.If you select a schema holder code page of utf-8 and the Use Unicode Types toggle box is unselected, the conversion utility sets the default maximum char length to 1000. If the Use Unicode Type toggle box is checked, the utility sets the default Maximum char length to 2000. The default settings accommodate possible character expansion for Unicode. You can override the defaults with your own values based on your specific Unicode configuration and your knowledge of data content for your OpenEdge character fields. The recommended settings for Maximum char length which safely allow for character expansion are summarized in table below.
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