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DataServer for Oracle
The DataServer Tutorial : Changing logical name and connection information

Changing logical name and connection information

The Edit Connection Information dialog box allows you to modify connection information for your schema image.
To change connection information for a schema image and the Oracle database:
1. Choose DataServer > ORACLE Utilities > Edit Connection Information. The following dialog box appears:
2. Make changes to the Connection Parameters fields. When you are done, choose OK to return to the main window.
The changes do not take effect until you disconnect and reconnect the schema holder. When you reconnect, the new connection parameters are used.
For details on connection parameters, see Connecting the DataServer and OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.
This utility also allows you to change the logical name of the Oracle database. You cannot be connected when changing the logical name. After the name change, this tool closes. You can restart the tool to continue working with the utilities.
Note: If you rename a schema image, you must recompile the ABL procedures that you compiled under the old schema-image name.