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DataServer for Oracle
Building DataServer Executables : Building executables for the UNIX Host : Building a UNIX host executable

Building a UNIX host executable

1. Open a terminal and invoke a Bourne shell (/bin/sh) on the system where OpenEdge is installed.
2. Change to user 'root'.
3. Set and export the environment variable DLC to the OpenEdge installation directory. For example:
export DLC
4. Optionally set and export the environment variable IMAGE to the full pathname of the executable being generated. By default the client executable is named:
5. Set the environment variable ORACLE_HOME to the top level directory of your Oracle installation. For example:
6. Verify that the variable PATH contains the directory to the linker.
7. Unset all the library path variables for your operating system. The script sets these variables as required. For example:
8. Run the script $DLC/oebuild/make/ If you did not set the IMAGE variable, the Oracle DataServer server executable is built as:
$DLC/oebuild/_orasrv, otherwise the executable is built as specified by $IMAGE
Note: To use your new executable once it is built, you must set the ORASRV environment variable.