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DataServer for Oracle
The DataServer Tutorial : Adjust an Oracle schema image to an OpenEdge database

Adjust an Oracle schema image to an OpenEdge database

The Adjust Schema utility allows you to migrate schema changes from an Oracle database and compare it to the same schema in an OpenEdge database. If you make changes in both your OpenEdge database and the same changes in Oracle using Oracle tools, pull those changes into the schema holder. The Adjust Schema utility will compare the OpenEdge database to the schema image and update the OpenEdge attributes necessary for your ABL code to run against both data sources.
To run the Adjust Schema utility:
1. Connect to the source OpenEdge database.
2. Connect to the Schema Image Schema Holder.
3. From the DataServer menu in either the Data Administration tool or the Character Data Dictionary, choose DataServers > ORACLE Utilities > Schema Migration Tools > Adjust Schema. The following dialog box appears:
4. Provide the information as described in the following table:
Interface element
Original OpenEdge DB
Enter the name of the source OpenEdge database.
Schema Image
Enter the Oracle database logical name. The logical database name is the name of the schema image.
Files To Compare
Either leave the default **all** for all objects to be compared or enter the names of tables, sequences, or OpenEdge Views to be compared. If listing individual objects, the list must be a comma-separated list within a group of objects and semicolons must separate the groups. The groups are table, sequence, and view, and must be listed in that order.