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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Transparent Data Encryption : Maintaining Transparent Data Encryption : Viewing encryption policy history in Data Admin
Viewing encryption policy history in Data Admin
You can view the history of an encryption policy in Data Administration. Use the following steps to view encryption policy history for encrypted objects in an encryption-enabled database.
To view encryption policy history:
1. From Data Administration, select Admin > Security > Encryption Policies > Encryption Policy History.
The Encryption Policy History dialog appears.
The Version of a policy is an integer that starts at zero, and increases every time a policy is modified. The State indicates whether the policy is the Current or Previous policy. The Cipher indicates the cipher of the policy.
2. In the Encryption Policy History dialog, select an object to view its encryption policy history. You can modify the listed objects by checking and unchecking the boxes for Tables, Indexes, LOBs, and Disabled.
3. When you finish reviewing encryption policy histories, click OK to exit the Encryption Policy History dialog.