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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Dumping and Loading : Specialized dump and load techniques : Using no-integrity mode bulk data loading
Using no-integrity mode bulk data loading
PROUTIL can perform database updates faster when it runs in no-integrity mode rather than in the default full-integrity mode. However, if there is a system crash during this update activity, the database can only be recovered by restoring a backup.
To enable no-integrity mode, use the No Crash Protection (-i) parameter. This parameter is particularly useful for running batch jobs, such as bulk data loading. For more information about No Crash Protection, see Database Startup Parameters.
Caution: Back up databases before you run any process with the -i startup parameter. Any crash that occurs while you are running processes with the -i parameter damages the database and makes that database invalid. If this happens, you must restore the database from the most recent backup copy.