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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Logged Data : Event logging in Windows : Understanding the event log components
Understanding the event log components
The components of the Event Log are standards defined by Windows. The table below describes the Event Log columns.
Table 60. Event Log components
Date the event occurred.
Time the event occurred.
Source of the event. If the source of the event is a connected OpenEdge database, the database's name appears in this column.
There are 16 OpenEdge event categories: AIW, APPBROKER, APPSERVER, APW, BACKUP, BIW, DATASERVER, MON, OIBRKR, OIDRVR, OpenEdge, RFUTIL, SERVER, SHUT, USER, and WDOG. The APPBROKER and APPSERVER categories appear in the Event Log only when messages are logged by the AppServer™ application broker and application server, respectively.All categories reside in a file called category.dll. These categories correspond to the existing categories of events that are displayed in the progress.lg file (application broker and application server events are displayed in the AppServer log file, proapsv.lg).
The OpenEdge message number that was generated. These are the same message numbers that are displayed in the standard database .lg file.
Identifies the user logged in to the Windows workstation where the event occurred.
Identifies the name of the Windows workstation where the event occurred. The Event Viewer enables you to get more information about events by double-clicking on any event.
Select an event to view additional information about it.