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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Table-partitioned database : Managing partitions : Truncating partitions
Truncating partitions
After a period of time managing a partitioned database, you may find that some of your partitions are no longer needed. For example, if the data in a partition has been archived, or perhaps all your data has been removed from the composite initial partition. You can use PARTITIONMANAGE TRUNCATE to reclaim the storage space of a partition, and optionally deallocate the partition.
The syntax for PARTITIONMANAGE TRUNCATE is as follows:
proutil db-name -C partitionmanage truncate table table-name
  { partition table-partition-name | composite initial }
[ recs numrecs ] [ deallocate ]
PARTITIONMANAGE TRUNCATE removes any existing rows in the table partition, existing LOB data, and removes the key entries in the local indexes associated with the partition. If you specify deallocate, at the conclusion of truncating the partition, the data partition and local indexes are changed to the deallocated state.
For complete details on PARTITIONMANAGE TRUNCATE, see the section, PROUTIL PARTITIONMANAGE TRUNCATE qualifier.