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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Failover Clusters : Platform-specific considerations : Sun Cluster uses global devices
Sun Cluster uses global devices
Clusters only supports databases stored on global devices. The Sun Cluster uses global devices to provide cluster-wide, highly available access to any device in a cluster, from any node, without regard to where the device is physically attached. In general, if a node fails while providing access to a global device, the Sun Cluster software automatically discovers another path to the device and redirects the access to that path. The local disks on each server are not multi-ported, and thus are not highly available devices. Multi-ported global devices provide more than one path to a device. In the case of multi-host disks, because the disks are part of a disk device group hosted by more than one node, the multi-host disks are made highly available.
Caution: The length of the mount point of the database cannot exceed 18 characters