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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Failover Clusters : Using the PROCLUSTER command-line interface : Stopping a cluster-enabled database
Stopping a cluster-enabled database
To stop a cluster-enabled database using normal shutdown procedures, enter the following command:
procluster db-name stop
The database to be stopped with Clusters is specified by db-name. The database must be a member of the cluster. The database name must contain the fully qualified path. To verify that the database has successfully stopped, use the Isalive and Looksalive parameters of PROCLUSTER. For more information, see Isalive and looksalive on page 393.
When you stop the database with PROCLUSTER stop, Clusters does the following:
*Stops the database
*Notifies the cluster that the resource should be stopped without fail over
Note: PROCLUSTER stop can be used interchangeably with PROSHUT or the AdminServer to stop a database.