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Database Administration
Database Basics : Starting Up and Shutting Down : Starting a server or broker

Starting a server or broker

The server process coordinates all the database requests from all the users using a single database. The main database server is called the broker. The broker process manages shared resources and starts servers for remote users, if necessary.
Use OpenEdge Explorer, OpenEdge Management, or the PROSERVE startup command to start the server process, as shown:
proserve -db db-name| -servergroup server-group-name[parameters]
-db db-name
Specifies the database you want to start a server for (-db is implicit).
-servergroup server-group-name
Specifies the logical collection of server processes to start. The server-group-name you specify must match the name of a server group in the file. You create server groups using OpenEdge Explorer or OpenEdge Management, which are saved in the file.
Specifies the startup parameters for the broker/server. See Database Startup Parameters for a list of broker/server startup parameters.
For more information about the PROSERVE command see PROSERVE command.
* Specifying international character sets
* Network addressing using -S and -H
* Starting multiple brokers using the same protocol
* Accessing a server behind a firewall
* Starting database brokers for SSL connections