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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Failover Clusters : Using the PROCLUSTER command-line interface : Starting a cluster-enabled database
Starting a cluster-enabled database
To start a cluster-enabled database, enter the following command:
procluster db-name start
The database to be started is specified by db-name. The database must have been previously enabled as a cluster resource. The database name must contain the fully qualified path.
Note: PROCLUSTER will append -pf to the proserve command that is generated to start the database. The start command will fail if this parameter file is not found. If any of the helper (APW, BIW, or AIW) processes or the watchdog (WDOG) process specified to start with a particular database fails, they will not be started on another machine during a failover. They produce an OFFLINE status.
To verify that the database started correctly, use the isalive and looksalive parameters to PROCLUSTER. See Isalive and looksalive on page 393 for more information.