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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Distributed Transaction Processing : Two-phase commit with ABL clients : Resolving limbo transaction scenarios : Scenario 1: You are on a client machine and the server fails
Scenario 1: You are on a client machine and the server fails
If you are on a client machine running a distributed transaction and something goes wrong with the server, the following message is displayed:
Part of the distributed transaction may have failed. (2022)
This message does not necessarily mean that a transaction failed. Occasionally, a transaction commits properly, but a network communication failure intercepts the server's message verifying that it committed. When you see this message, or any similar message, the database administrator must determine whether a limbo transaction occurred, then resolve the limbo transaction.
To resolve limbo transactions, you complete the transactions from the point where they were interrupted by the hardware or software failure. If the coordinator committed the transactions, you must commit the transactions. If the coordinator did not commit the transactions, you must abort the transactions.