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Database Administration
Protecting Your Data : Maintaining Security : Running a user report

Running a user report

All users can display and print a user report from the Quick User Report option on the Security menu. In addition, security administrators can run a user report by choosing Report from the character Edit User List and Edit Data Security dialog boxes. User reports include a list of user IDs and user names and indicate which users IDs are protected by passwords.
To generate a user report:
1. Choose Admin > Security > User Report from the graphical Data Administration tool or the character Data Dictionary. A report similar to the following is generated:
2. Click Print to output the report to a printer or file. The Print Options dialog box appears.
3. Specify the report destination. You can print the report, or save it to a file. If you want to save the report to a file, specify the filename and whether to append the report to an existing file.
4. Specify the page length. then click OK. The report is directed to the specified output destination.