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Database Administration
Reference : RFUTIL Utility : RFUTIL ROLL FORWARD RETRY qualifier


Restarts the roll-forward operation on an after-image extent that was in the process of rolling forward.


rfutil db-name -C roll forward retry
[ endtime yyyy:mm:dd:hh:mm:ss| endtrans transaction-number]
[ -B n][ -r ][ verbose ]{-a ai-name|-ailist listfile}


Specifies the database you are using.
Specifies to roll forward to a certain point in time. You must specify the ending time as a string of digits and separate the date and time components with a colon. Transactions are included in the partial roll forward only if they end before the specified time. For example, to roll forward to 5:10 PM on July 18, 2002, type 2002:07:18:17:10:00. For RFUTIL to include a transaction in this partial roll forward, the transaction must have ended on or before 2002:07:18:17:09:59.
Specifies to roll forward up to but not including the transaction beginning that contains the transaction-number. For example, if you specify endtrans 1000, RFUTIL rolls forward the AI area to transaction 999. If you want to include transaction 1000, you must specify endtrans 1001.
-B n
Specifies the number of database buffers. The single-user default value is 20.
Indicates that buffered I/O will be used.
Produces one line of information for every note in the AI area.
-a ai-area
Identifies the AI area of the specified database.
-ailist listfile
Identifies a file containing a list of AI area files. The listfile file must be structured as follows:
*Specify one AI file per line
*AI file names can be fully specified absolute file name or a relative file name relative to the working directory where RFUTIL is executed
*Lines that begin with a colon (:), hash mark (#), or asterisk (*) are treated as comments and skipped over for parsing
Note: If you specify a list of AI files with -ailist and a file is not an after-image file, a warning is issued and the file is skipped.
ROLL FORWARD RETRY enhances the support of 24 X 7 database operations. The use of this qualifier is limited to RFUTIL roll-forward operations that fail because of power outages or system failures. The ROLL FORWARD RETRY qualifier restarts the roll-forward operation on the after-image extent that was in the process of rolling forward. The retry operation finds the transaction in process at the time of failure and resumes rolling forward. It recovers the transaction log (TL) extents. Entries noting the use of the retry operation appear in the .lg file of the database. If subsequent failures occur during the retry operation, the retry operation can be restarted.


Roll forward might encounter a two-phase begin note in a BI area that will signal roll forward to enable transaction commit logging to the transaction log. If the database does not contain a TL area, roll forward will abort. To recover from this situation, you should first add a TL area to your database and then run ROLL FORWARD RETRY.