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Database Administration
Reference : RFUTIL Utility : RFUTIL AIVERIFY PARTIAL qualifier


Verifies the AI extent by validating AI files before they are applied. This verification focuses on the AI block and the rlnote structure (note headers), while providing additional information in error messages that specify issues found in the AI extent.


rfutil db-name -C aiverify partial {-a ai-name|-ailist listfile}


Specifies the database you are using.
-a ai-name
Identifies the AI extent name.
-ailist listfile
Identifies a file containing a list of AI area files. The listfile file must be structured as follows:
*Specify one AI file per line
*AI file names can be fully specified absolute file name or a relative file name relative to the working directory where RFUTIL is executed
*Lines that begin with a colon (:), hash mark (#), or asterisk (*) are treated as comments and skipped over for parsing
Note: If you specify a list of AI files with -ailist and a file is not an after-image file, a warning is issued and the file is skipped.