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Database Administration
Reference : RFUTIL Utility : RFUTIL AIMAGE EXTENT LIST qualifier


Displays the status of the database AI extents.


rfutil db-name -C aimage extent list


Specifies the database you are using.
AIMAGE EXTENT LIST displays the following information:
*Extent Number — Number of each file
*Extent Type — Type of each file — either fixed length or variable length
*Extent Path — Pathname of each file
*Extent Size — Size of each file in 1K blocks
*Space Used — Number of blocks of space used in each file
*Extent Status — Status of each file — either empty, full, or busy.
*Start/Date Time — Time each file began logging AI notes — not applicable to empty files


The status of a file might be full even though there is space left over in the file. This can happen after an online backup because file switch-over occurs at the time of the backup, whether or not the current file is full. RFUTIL still marks the file as full because, like a full file, it must be archived and marked empty before the database can reuse it.