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Database Administration
Reference : RFUTIL Utility : RFUTIL AIMAGE AIOFF qualifier


Disables after-imaging for a database in multi-user mode.


rfutil db-name -C aimage aioff [-aiencryption disable]


Specifies the database you are using.
-aiencryption disable
For databases enabled for Transparent Data Encryption only, -aiencryption disable reiterates the directive to disable encryption of your AI files. You cannot specify -aiencryption disable for a Replication target database.
You do not have to shut down the database to use AIMAGE AIOFF. Use AIMAGE AIOFF to:
*Perform scheduled maintenance on a database. Disabling after-imaging during a table move or index rebuild saves time and disk space.
*Prevent database crashes caused by a pending lack of disk space. Instead of switching AI extents, you can disable after-imaging.
Caution: If you disable after-imaging and the database crashes, you cannot roll forward.


*AIMAGE OFF cannot be performed if the database is an OpenEdge Replication source database and the replication server is running.
*Disabling after-imaging with AIMAGE OFF disables AI Management and Replication if either is active.
*Disabling after-imaging with AIMAGE OFF disables AI encryption, unless your database is a Replication target database.
*If the database is online, re-enable after-imaging with PROBKUP. See PROBKUP utility for details.
*If the database is offline, re-enable after-imaging with RFUTIL AIMAGE BEGIN.