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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Table-partitioned database : Managing partitions : Renaming partitions
Renaming partitions
After a period of time managing a partitioned database, particularly after a split or merge operation, you may find that the partition name is no longer representative of its contents. You can rename a partition with PARTITIONMANAGE RENAME.
The syntax for PARTITIONMANAGE RENAME is as follows:
proutil db-name -C partitionmanage rename partition table-partition-name
  partition new-table-partition-name
When you use PARTITIONMANAGE RENAME to rename a partition, the following rules apply:
*You can not rename the composite initial partition of a table.
*You can not rename a partition that is the source of merge operation.
*The new-table-partition-name must follow the standard rules for partition naming. The name:
*Must be unique; it cannot already exist in the database
*Must be 32 or fewer characters
*Can only contain the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 (ASCII) , and the special characters::# $ % & - (dash) _ (underscore)
*Is not blocked from using reserved words (as the database does for table names)
For complete details on PARTITIONMANAGE RENAME, see the section, PROUTIL PARTITIONMANAGE RENAME qualifier.