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Database Administration
Maintaining and Monitoring Your Database : Dumping and Loading : Reconstructing bad load records

Reconstructing bad load records

If the Database Administrator tool or the Data Dictionary encounters errors while loading a data file, it creates an error file. You can use the error file and the original data file to build a new data file for all the bad records.
To build a new data file for bad records:
1. Access the appropriate Data tool (the Data Administration tool if you are using a graphical interface or the Data Dictionary if you are using a character interface).
2. Choose Admin > Load Data and Definitions > Reconstruct Bad Load Records. The Reconstruct Bad Load Records dialog box appears.
3. Specify the original data file, the error file, and the new output file, then choose OK. The default filename for the new data file is error.d. After writing the new output file, the Data tool displays a status message and prompts you to continue.
4. Choose OK to return to the Data Administration or Data Dictionary main window.
5. Use a text editor to edit the new output file and fix the bad records after the Data tool builds the file. Once you have fixed the records, you can reload the file.