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Database Administration
Reference : PROUTIL Utility : PROUTIL WORD-RULES qualifier


Compiles a word-rules file.


proutil db-name -C word-rules rule-numb


Specifies the database you are using.
Specifies an integer between 1 and 255 that uniquely identifies this set of rules on your system that you created with the WBREAK-COMPILER qualifier.


*If you change the word-break rules when word indexes are active, the indexes might not work properly because the rules used to create the index differ from those used when searching the index. Therefore, when you change the break rules for a database, you are warned if any word indexes are active. You should rebuild any such indexes. You can make old indexes consistent with the new rules by rebuilding them with PROUTIL IDXBUILD. See Managing Performance for more information about using the IDXBUILD qualifier.
*PROUTIL maintains a CRC code to ensure that the word-break rule file does not change between sessions. If it has changed, PROUTIL displays a message when you attempt to connect to the database. The connect attempt fails. You can fix this by restoring the original file or resetting the break rules to the default. Note that resetting to the default break rules might invalidate your word indexes.