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Database Administration


Partition management option to alter the state a partition of a partitioned table.


proutil db-name -C partitionmanage alter table table-name
 { partition table-partition-name | composite initial }
state { read-only | read-write }


Specifies the database where you are performing partition management.
table table-name
Specifies the table for the PARTITIONMANAGE ALTER operation.
partition table-partition-name
Specifies the partition to alter.
composite initial
Specifies that the composite initial partition of the table is being altered.
state { read-only | read-write }
Specifies the new state for ALTER to change the partition to.
The partition can be in one of two states:
*read-only — The data of the partition can not be changed. Language clients can only read the data. For a list of utility access permitted, see below.
*read-write — Language clients can read, write, create, and delete data in the partition (provided that access is not restricted at a higher level, such as user-level security with a can-* permission in ABL).
PARTITIONMANAGE ALTER is used to change the state of a partition between read-write and read-only.
The following operations are permitted on a read-only partition:
*READ the data and indexes
*Perform table-level schema changes:
*Add fields
*Add indexes
*Add triggers
*Delete indexes
*Execute database utilities that perform physical location changes, for example, PARTITIONMANAGE SPLIT, PARTITIONMANAGE MERGE, and TABLEMOVE.
PARTITIONMANAGE SPLIT has the following restrictions:
*Read-Only source to Read-Only target(s) is allowed
*Read-Write source to Read-Only target(s) is allowed
*Read-Only source to Read-Write target(s) is not allowed
PARTITIONMANAGE MERGE has the following restrictions:
*Read-Only source(s) to Read-Only target is allowed
*Read-Write source(s) to Read-Only target is allowed
*Read-Only source(s) to Read-Write target is not allowed
*Execute database utilities that only perform read operation of the data, for example, BINARY DUMP, TABANALYS.
*Execute database utilities that only change the format of the data, but not the data itself. For example encrypting, decrypting, or changing the code page.
*Execute database utilities that only operate on indexes, for example, IDXBUILD, IDXCOMPACT, IDXCHECK, TPIDXBUILD. Operations within IDXFIX that operate on indexes only are also permitted.
*Execute rescue operations with DBTOOL.
*Restore from a backup (PROREST) and after-imaging roll forward (RFUTIL). A read-only partition can be overwritten by a restore operation. The final state of the partition depends on the information restored from the backup.


*PARTITIONMANAGE ALTER can be performed when the database is online or offline.