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Database Administration
Reference : PROUTIL Utility : PROUTIL CONV1011 qualifier

PROUTIL CONV1011 qualifier

Converts an OpenEdge Release 10 database to an OpenEdge Release 11 database.


proutil db-name -C conv1011


Specifies the source database name.
CONV1011 updates your database schema to support current functionality, improve performance and plan for future growth. CONV1011 activates the following features if they were not previously activated:
*64-bit DBKEYS
*Large keys
Note: 64-bit sequences are not automatically enabled during conversion because certain installations depend on the 32-bit "roll-over" of a sequence value. New databases created with OpenEdge Release 11 have 64-bit sequences enabled.
CONV1011 must be performed when the database is offline, and is not interruptible. If there is an abnormal exit from CONV1011, you must revert to a backup.
Before performing the conversion, you must:
*Back up your OpenEdge Release 10 database using a Release 10 back up utility
*Verify that the database is not in use
*Truncate the BI file with Release 10
*Disable after-imaging with Release 10
*Disable two-phase commit with Release 10
CONV1011 performs a pre-scan to check for conditions that prevent a complete conversion. If any conditions exist that would prevent the conversion are found, they are reported and CONV1011 exits normally with no change to the database. You must correct all reported issues before CONV1011 can successfully complete. Conditions that cause the pre-scan to exit include:
*Data conflict with new "built-in" records
*For the _sec-authentication-system table, no record can exist with the following values in the _Domain-type field:
*For the _sec-authentication-domain table, no record can exist with the following values in the _Domain-name field:
*Data conflict in the _Domain-name field of the _sec-authentication-domain table. CONV1011 converts the _Domain-name field to be case insensitive, therefore fields that were different solely because of case, must be modified.
*Length of the _Domain-name field of the _sec-authentication-domain table. The length of _Domain-name is reduced from 128 to 64 characters. An existing field greater than 64 characters must be modified.
*Data conflict in the _Userid field of the _User table. CONV1011 does not allow values for _Userid that contain an "@" sign. Only OpenEdge SQL could have created one of these values.


*CONV1011 must be run offline.
*If db-name is a UTF-8 database, you must specify -cpinternal UTF-8 on the command line. If not specified, an error message is generated and CONV1011 exits.
*After completing the conversion, back up your OpenEdge Release 11 database right away.