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Database Administration
Reference : PROSTRCT Utility : PROSTRCT STATISTICS qualifier


Displays statistics about storage information about the specified database.


prostrct statistics db-name


Specifies the database whose storage information you want.
PROSTRCT STATISTICS displays the following information:
*Database name
*Primary database block size and the before-image and after-image block sizes
*Storage area and each extent within it
*Total number of active blocks allocated for each data area
*Total number of blocks for each data area
*Total number of empty blocks in each data area
*Total number of extent blocks for each data area
*Total records per block for each data area
*Total number of all blocks (active blocks, active free blocks, and empty blocks)
*Date and time of the last full database backup


*When PROSTRCT STATISTICS is run against a database that is in use, values may be changing as the display is output.
*Do not run this utility against a database that has crashed. You must recover the database first.
*A void database cannot be accessed by this command.
*See Maintaining Database Structure for more information about the STATISTICS qualifier with the PROSTRCT utility.