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Database Administration
Reference : PROSTRCT Utility : PROSTRCT LIST qualifier


Creates a structure description (.st) file for an OpenEdge database.


prostrct list db-name[ structure-description-file ]


Specifies the multi-volume database whose structure description file you want to update.
Specifies the structure description file PROSTRCT creates. If you do not specify the structure description file, PROSTRCT uses the base name of the database and appends a .st extension. It replaces an existing file of the same name.
PROSTRCT LIST provides storage area, transaction log, and records per block information in the .st file it produces. Also, PROSTRCT LIST displays storage area names and extent information including the extent type, size, number, and name.


*Use PROSTRCT LIST any time you make changes to the structure of the database to verify that the change was successful.
*You can use this utility with an online database.
*See Maintaining Database Structure for more information about the LIST qualifier with the PROSTRCT utility.